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Our Partnership Triumph with The NX Group

In the dynamic world of logistics, where operational fluidity is paramount, Alltruck’s dedication to excellence and transparent communication takes centre stage in our transformative partnership with The NX Group. Our narrative begins in June 2021, unfolding a tale of commitment, adaptability, and … Read More

2023 round-up of Alltruck’s partnership with Leicestershire Cares

Alltruck is very pleased to have been one of Leicestershire Cares’ business partners during 2023 – and we will be in 2024 too! Leicestershire Cares is a great charity stretching across Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland. By brokering partnerships and creating opportunities, it enables the … Read More

Exploring a Graduate Career in the Transport Industry

By Graduate Alison Strange If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to dive headfirst into the logistics and transport industry, Alison Strange has a story that might just captivate you. In a recent video, Alison, a graduate management trainee at Alltruck, shares her journey and sheds light on … Read More

The Furniture Makers’ float in the Lord Mayor’s Show – Supported by Alltruck

The Lord Mayor’s Show in the City of London is always a spectacle with all the livery companies getting into the swing of things for the joyous procession. The wonderfully colourful Furniture Makers Company float was attended by people dressed as furniture; It made the Lord Mayor himself laugh and … Read More

Meeting an 18 tonne DAF at a Prepare to Pass event

If you hold a full driving licence, can you remember what you felt like before you passed your test? A bit nervous, perhaps? Unsure? Uncomfortable? If you know a learner driver, you’ll have heard that waiting times for a test can be long. Add to this that in some areas pass rates are lower than … Read More

Employee Insight Videos

Ever wondered what it’s like to be a part of the Alltruck family? Our dedicated team members are sharing their firsthand experiences in a new set of testimonial video. From the welcoming induction process to the amazing benefits and the highlights of working at Alltruck, they’ll give you an inside … Read More

Data-Driven Solutions for Decarbonising Fleet Operations

Data-Driven Solutions for Decarbonising Fleet Operations: A Conversation with Michael Ayres from Flexible Power Systems. [PODCAST TRANSCRIPT] Georgia Lomas: You’re listening to the Journey to Zero podcast hosted by Alltruck Zero. If you want to stay ahead of the game and find out more … Read More

Leicestershire Care’s 2023 Awards

We’re so proud of Chris Oakes, who works with us at Alltruck plc, for winning two awards at Leicestershire Care’s charity 2023 awards and celebration night. Not only did he win an award for his great support of Leicestershire Care’s work with care-experienced young people but also was made … Read More