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    In this podcast episode of Zero, our guest Phil Henrick from VEV shares invaluable insights on the electrification of HGVs and how to get started. Here are the key takeaways:

    Infrastructure is key: Lack of charging infrastructure is hindering the adoption of electric vehicles. Let’s work together to develop charging hubs and power solutions in the right locations.
    Collaboration is key: VEV collaborates with various experts to explore alternative options and tackle the hurdles of electric truck adoption head-on.

    Government support is crucial: When governments invest in charging infrastructure and trucking corridors, we experience accelerated adoption towards a sustainable future.

    Overcome the fear of the unknown: Reticence to adopt new energies often stems from a fear of leaving behind familiar technologies. But rest assured, manufacturers are developing better electric vehicles with improved range and charging capabilities.

    Plan ahead: Start planning and preparing now for the transition to electric HGVs to avoid supply chain bottlenecks and disruptions to your business as the 2030 deadline approaches.

    Let’s drive the electrification of HGVs together and create a sustainable future for our businesses and the planet!
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