Asset management

Alltruck provides great trucks, brilliant maintenance and happy drivers. We only supply premium brand trucks which are highly spec’d with high roofs and sleeper cabs. As part of our commitment to supplying ‘great trucks’ we build quality bespoke HGV bodies designed to last over 10 years, built by our internal Bodyshop division.

Sale and Lease back

If you are looking to release capital back into your business to invest in your growth, Alltruck provides an efficient and simple sale and lease back service. As part of the lease back you will be introduced to Alltruck’s renowned contract hire services, where we operate a fair wear and tear policy which is in line with the BVRLA FWT guide.

Supplementing your new contract hire agreement, we offer a replacement vehicle service for both MOT and roadside breakdown to enable you to keep your promises to your customers.

Through sale and lease back you no longer have to worry about the residual value of the vehicle at the end of its life cycle, allowing you to focus on your primary business objectives.