2021 CAZ, LEZ, ULEZ: What do they mean for HGVs and vans?

You may have heard the terms CAZ, LEZ, and ULEZ floating around a lot over the past few years as more and more of the UK’s major cities put green zones into force. However, understanding the differences between each zone and what they actually mean is a little more challenging. We’re here to … Read More

Are you still confused about the IR35 tax changes? Let’s break it down…

IR35 has been causing a bit of a stir in the industry over the last few months, and it finally came into place in April. So, we thought we’d investigate the IR35 tax changes and put together a simple guide on what IR35 could mean for your business.
What is IR35?
The ‘IR35’ sounds like some … Read More

Journey to Zero: Why the UK’s Road Freight Future Should be Electric (with David Cebon)

At the end of May, I was lucky enough to get the opportunity to talk to David Cebon about his Electric Road System project on our Journey to Zero podcast. David is a Professor of Mechanical Engineering at Cambridge University, the Director of the Centre for Sustainable Road Freight, and a Fellow … Read More

Marvellous March: Our Community Champions on a Mission to Spread Joy

It was the beginning of March; we were all fed up with being in lockdown. It had been almost a year now, and after long cold winter, the novelty of working from home was wearing off. Nonetheless, we were grateful to be part of the Alltruck family. We had seen businesses close around us, friends … Read More

How Simple Tyre Changes and Maintenance Could Make Your Fleet More Sustainable

Truck operators have more ways to make environmentally friendly choices today than they may realise. Your lorry tyres have a direct impact on air pollution. In fact, they can be responsible for up to 20% of CO2 emissions in urban areas. However, Alltruck Zero has been doing research into how you … Read More

We are Pleased to Welcome our new HR Manager, Jess Holt, to Team Alltruck

We’re very pleased to welcome our new Human Resources Manager, Jessica Holt, to the business. Jess joined Alltruck plc on the 4th of January as our new HR Manager and she will be working alongside our HR Advisor, Lisa Thurman, to cover everything from onboarding new staff, to helping employees … Read More

Introducing our new Business Development Manager, Peter Bosi

Peter Bosi has a wealth of experience in Sales within the Commercial Vehicle industry, and Alltruck plc is very excited to welcome him on board. Peter joined Alltruck plc in November last year and will be taking care of our customers in the West Midlands. Just before we broke up for our … Read More

#InTheHeadlights This Week: Amy Rennocks

National Lorry Week began on the 16th of November 2020! We have been celebrating the past few weeks by sharing stories from our very own HGV Heroes here at Alltruck plc. To continue celebrating NLW, we will be sharing more videos and blog posts from our Alltruckers.   Happy National Lorry … Read More