Meet The Rental Team!

Let’s introduce you to the Awesome Alltruckers who make up our Truck Rental team, committed to providing you with the best rental experience:


Dave Smith – Rental Operations Manager:
Dave is the driving force behind our truck rental operations, ensuring seamless day-to-day management and customer satisfaction. With a keen eye for enhancing client relationships and fostering team development, Dave’s commitment to excellence shines through in every aspect of his work.

Outside of the office, you’ll find him cheering on his favourite football team, Nottingham Forest and wearing his favourite colour red, indulging in live music events, or planning his next travel adventure with his partner. If Dave won, the lottery he’d book a one-way ticket to New England and embark on a craft brewery tour!

One bit of life advice that has stuck with Dave is – Take time to pause and reflect, a lesson he’s learned through his career journey.

Charlotte Spokes – HGV Driver Checker/Administrator:
Charlotte is an integral part of our driving team, handling deliveries and administrative tasks. Her dedication to the company spans over eight years, during which she’s become a foundation of our operations.

When not on the road, Charlotte enjoys leisurely walks in nature, savouring coffee at her favourite spots and enjoying her favourite colour yellow, as it reminds her of warm summer days! Charlotte is a lover of timeless classics with her favourite song to listen to on repeat is “Iris” by the Goo Goo Dolls.

Angela Drury – Rental Desk Operations:
Ang’s role at the rental desk ensures that everything runs smoothly behind the scenes. Her attention to detail and proactive approach makes her indispensable in managing rental agreements, vehicle compliance, and customer inquiries.

Outside of work, Ang finds joy in outdoor activities with her dog Oskar watching Formula 1 races, and occasionally make an appearance at the gym!
A piece of life advice from Ang would be, “Never assume,” as it makes an “ass” out of “U” and “Me”

Dom Kuzniar – Low Loader Driver:
Dom’s expertise lies in safely transporting our vehicles to their destinations, ensuring timely deliveries, and maintaining our fleet’s integrity.

His passion for Formula 1 and fencing is only rivalled by his dedication to his family. In his spare time, you’ll find Dom enjoying live music, dreaming of future travels with his loved ones, fencing or watching films.

Dom’s party trick is that he can skilfully remove a cork from a wine bottle without breaking it! His life advice is simple yet profound: “Don’t buy what you can’t afford, and always be kind to others.”

Ethan Slater – Yard Person and Valeter:
Ethan’s role as Yard Person and Valeter is essential to the Rental team as Ethan manages vehicle movements within the yard, prepping vehicles to a high standard and, provide support to all areas of the business as required. His curiosity and eagerness to learn have made him a valuable asset to our team.

Beyond work, Ethan’s interests range from tech tinkering to plane spotting and having his favourite colour as red. His lottery dreams include ensuring his family’s financial security and embarking on eco-friendly adventures.

Ethan’s life advice? Know your worth and stand up for yourself, a philosophy he applies both personally and professionally.

Amy Rennocks – Rental Administrator:
Amy’s meticulous attention to detail ensures that our rental processes run smoothly from start to finish. She primarily handles rental invoicing, including weekly and monthly billing, manages invoice and hire queries and ensures all necessary paperwork is in order for long-term rentals.

Outside of work, Amy cherishes moments with her family and enjoys leisurely coffee outings. Her lottery dreams involve indulging in a luxurious Parisian getaway with her loved ones.
One bit of life advice Amy offers is “Embrace your sparkle and never lose sight of what makes you unique”.



With their expertise and dedication, our Rental team is here to ensure that you get back on the road with ease and peace of mind. To discuss your rental needs please get in touch with the team either by phone, 0116 402 1770 or by email at