January 2019

World record, heaviest truck pull, guinness World Record, Heaviest truck pull ever, in high heels, Asha Rani, Manjit Singh
Alltruck vehicle becomes the heaviest truck ever pulled in high heels

Asha Rani, Leicestershire’s ‘Iron Queen’, has broken a world record by dragging an Alltruck truck five metres whilst wearing high heels measuring over 7 cm. This becomes the heaviest truck ever pulled by a woman in high heels in the world and means Asha should be entered into the Guinness Book … Read More

Andre Leal, Oliver English, Natalie Coates, Natalia Dembinska, Debbie Halliday, Alltruck, CI team
Project Odyssey Team Rewarded for New Fleet Management Software Success

The Alltruck team behind the project to configure and install Jaama (new fleet management software) has been awarded the Employee of the Month award for November. The Odyssey team which comprises Debbie Halliday, Natalie Coates, Natalia Dembinska, André Leal and Oliver English has successfully … Read More

collect for christmas
Alltruck Charity Fundraiser Raises Thousands for Leicestershire Homeless

Alltruck has partnered with Leicestershire Cares in their ‘Collect for Christmas’ campaign as they raise funds for the homeless. This has seen staff at Alltruck hold fundraising events across the three depots, including a raffle, a tombola and a charity car wash, culminating in £3,800 being … Read More