April 2024

EO Charging’s Impact on Electric Fleets and Energy Management [Podcast]

Welcome to our latest Journey to Zero podcast where we delve deep into the electrification of commercial transport, a crucial step towards a sustainable future. Today, we’re joined by Phil Kershaw, Director of EBus at EO Charging, as he unpacks the complexities and innovations behind transitioning … Read More

Alltruck plc Brand Revitalisation; Evolution, Not Revolution.

We have an exciting time ahead of us here at Alltruck! With some incredible developments as we get ready to go on a journey of evolution and growth, let’s dive into what’s coming up on the horizon for Alltruck! First up, we have some big news: Josh Robinson, a familiar face, has stepped into … Read More

Vehicle Contract Hire: Alltruck’s Secret Ingredient for Food and Drink Success

Here at Alltruck, we’re all about helping businesses with our bespoke contract hire services crafted exclusively for those in the food and drink industry. With a commitment to protecting value and ensuring seamless operations, think of us as your go-to partner for all things contract hire and … Read More

Navigating the Future of Hydrogen-Powered HGVs with Dr. David Telford

Join our host, Georgia Lomas, for an insightful conversation with Dr. David Telford, Chief Scientific Officer at HVS, on transforming the heavy goods vehicle (HGV) sector with hydrogen fuel cell technology. Tune into Episode, “The Hydrogen Revolution in Heavy Haulage,” and discover how HVS is … Read More