December 2021

Why we Need to Revolutionise Diesel Truck Fridges Now [with Graham Usher]

On the Journey to Zero podcast this week is Graham Usher, the Managing Director at Hultsteins UK, who is on the show to talk about hydraulic drive truck refrigeration units and how they could help us move away from the ‘dirty’ diesel that currently powers most of our truck fridges … Read More

Revealing the Secret Polluter of the Transport Industry [with Siobhan Anderson]

It was around a year ago when I first came across a harrowing video on the BBC that featured what the effects of the ‘secret’ polluter of the transport industry was doing to our planet and our health. This secret polluter is getting into the air we breathe; it accounts for nearly half of … Read More

Could a Battery Electric Truck Work for My Operation? [with David Price]

It’s the 6th of December 2021, and amongst a number of exciting things going on in the world today – including Lewis Hamilton’s victory last night, the news that the HGV driver shortage is showing signs of easing, and the fact that Christmas is just weeks away – we hope to add to that with the … Read More