September 2023

Mobile Tech Van
Introducing our new mobile HGV technician vans

We are pleased to announce that we have invested in 3 new top-of-the-range mobile technician vans for the quickest & most convenient way to deal with vehicle compliancy and defects. Here at Alltruck, our primary focus is our customers & protecting value – providing a bespoke service for … Read More

Alltruck Employees
A Day in the Life of an Alltruck Graduate: Navigating Growth and Development

Are you considering a career at Alltruck? If you are then this is the blog for you. In this blog, we’ll follow Henry, a recent management trainee graduate, on his six-month journey with Alltruck. Join us as we dive into his day-to-day experiences, explore the benefits and gain insights into why … Read More

Josh Spencer from Ford & Slater talks about the new DAF electric trucks – Transcript

Georgia Lomas: You’re listening to the Journey to Zero podcast hosted by Alltruck Zero. If you want to stay ahead of the game and find out more about the very latest green truck technology, or you’re looking for hints and tips on how to decarbonise your own fleet, then this is the place for … Read More

Alltruck plc visiting eDaily launch 2023
Alltruck plc’s Exclusive Journey at the IVECO eDaily Launch Event!

We’ve got some electrifying news to share that’s bound to make your daily drives smoother, greener and cost-effective in the long term. Drumroll, please… Introducing the game-changing IVECO eDaily – an electric van that’s redefining your journey to zero! 🚐 Alltruck was invited to join … Read More