Alltruck plc’s Exclusive Journey at the IVECO eDaily Launch Event!

We’ve got some electrifying news to share that’s bound to make your daily drives smoother, greener and cost-effective in the long term. Drumroll, please… Introducing the game-changing IVECO eDaily – an electric van that’s redefining your journey to zero! 🚐 Alltruck was invited to join the IVECO eDaily Launch Event at the Millbrook proving ground – here’s a sneak peek into the event.

Electrifying Innovation: The New IVECO eDaily

Let’s talk about the awesomeness of the new launch of the IVECO eDaily. This vehicle isn’t just your average van; it’s an eco-friendly, futuristic ride. Say goodbye to traditional vehicles and hello to the quiet, emission-free vehicles. Here’s the lowdown:

E-Power Awesomeness: The standout feature of the IVECO eDaily is its ability to significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions compared to traditional internal combustion engine vehicles. With zero tailpipe emissions, the eDaily contributes to improving air quality and combating climate change.

Operational Cost Savings: While the upfront cost of electric vehicles might be a concern, the eDaily offers substantial long-term savings. Electric vehicles are more efficient than diesel vehicles, translating to lower fuel and maintenance costs. Additionally, governments often provide incentives to adopt clean energy vehicles, further contributing to cost savings.

Quiet and Smooth Operation: Electric vehicles are renowned for their quiet operation. This attribute is particularly appealing for urban deliveries and nighttime operations, where noise pollution is a concern. The smooth and seamless driving experience enhances both driver comfort and road safety.

Iveco eDaily

A chance to test the eDaily vehicles

Some of our awesome Alltruckers were invited to the IVECO eDaily launch event at the Millbrook proving ground. Our team had the chance to put the full range of E-daily’s from 3.5t to 7.2t variants through their paces in the course of the day. The flexible battery installation options allow for up to 3 batteries to be installed to suit your requirements whilst maintaining 20m3 of loading capacity.

The driving and regenerative mode selectors offer a range of performance and energy consumption options to suit your electric driving style. We were pleasantly surprised by the test drives and how easy it was to use the advanced driving modes, especially being able to switch seamlessly between various modes to tailor your driving experience. The “NATURAL” setting provides effortless and eco-friendly driving, perfect for everyday commutes. The “ECO” mode extends your range while minimising environmental impact. Alternatively, you can switch to “POWER” mode to maximise your vehicle’s performance.

The regenerative modes give you even greater control over your driving experience. Choose “STANDARD REGENERATIVE” for balanced efficiency, “ONE PEDAL DRIVE” for easy navigation through busy roads with maximum regeneration, or “SAILING” for a smooth glide when you release the accelerator. Explore the versatility of electric driving and optimise your driving style with ease.

Final Thoughts: Driving the Change, Join the Electric Convoy

Embracing the IVECO eDaily isn’t just about driving a cutting-edge vehicle; it’s about becoming a part of a global movement towards sustainability. By choosing electric, you’re contributing to a cleaner environment and a greener future for generations to come.

So, whether you’re a business owner looking to reduce operating costs or simply an eco-conscious enthusiast ready to experience the future of driving, the IVECO eDaily has got your back. Get ready to hit the road in style, comfort, and with a whole lot of cost-effective brilliance. The journey towards a cleaner, brighter future starts with every turn of the eDaily’swheels. 🌱

The Alltruck Zero Connection: Journey to Zero

At Alltruck Zero, we are committed to driving change in the commercial transportation landscape. As the deadline for the transition to a cleaner form of transport draws near, we understand the importance of early planning and preparation. That’s why we’re dedicated to helping other companies navigate this transformative journey. Together, we reduce our carbon footprint, create a sustainable future for our companies and contribute to the well-being of our planet. Let’s embrace electrification, reshape our industries, and accelerate progress toward a greener tomorrow.

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