Celebrating Success: Alltruck’s Annual Awards Night Recap

At Winstanley House, Alltruck recently hosted its Annual Awards Night, an amazing occasion dedicated to recognising the hard work and achievements of its dedicated staff over the past year. The event wasn’t just about accolades; it was a celebration of the fantastic culture within Alltruck.

Surrounded by Awesome Alltruckers, the evening extended a warm welcome to valued customers and suppliers, offering them a unique opportunity to connect on a personal level and forge deeper relationships beyond those of emails and phone calls.

The evening kicked off with a Q&A session with Alltruck’s very own Paul Robinson, Debbie Halliday, and Josh Robinson, hosted by Mark Vigil from Big Sound Marketing. Their discussion gave us an insightful, light-hearted, and positive look at what makes Alltruck, Alltruck.

With Josh stepping into the role of Managing Director, Mark questioned him about how he felt, his next steps and about his role within Alltruck.

Josh Comments; “For me, absolute pride. I look at what Paul and Debbie have built over the last 34 years together. I think Alltruck is a truly special place to be. And I say on behalf of all the board, I think we’re immensely proud that we’re part of this next step of journey. We’re helping to build the next wing of the cathedral because Alltruck is going in an exciting direction. I think to be a part of this business now is more exciting than ever.”

Adding to the evening’s charm, guest speaker Luke Roberts from Donaldson Timber Engineering talked about the genuine, forward-thinking partnership between Donaldson’s and Alltruck, emphasising trust, integrity, and respect.

As the night unfolded, guests were treated to tasty food and captivating entertainment, including enchanting melodies from talented violinist, Lauren Charlotte and caricature portraits by Mick Wright capturing the essence of the attendees. Not forgetting photographer, Ian Dearman of Scruffy Whippet Media and the Hybrid AV team for providing excellent sound and visuals throughout the night.

During the evening, we had some exciting news that the Alltruck brand is being revitalised! We announced a new logo evolution – not revolution. Introducing a subtle change with a modernised font, added the colour green to represent sustainability and our commitment to the Journey to Net Zero, our drive to positive change and moving forward.

We would like to thank all of those who attended our Annual Awards Night and joined us in celebrating success, achievements, and hard work of all of our staff.

The winners and why they won the award, are listed below:

Award: Contract Driver of the Year
Winner: Stephen Llewellyn
Sponsor: Guest Truck.
The award for Contract Driver of the Year went to Stephen Llewellyn, Stephen is known for making sure that Donaldson Direct Customers get great service, and he consistently goes above and beyond to support the business. Stephens tireless efforts not only ensure efficiently but also prioritises the well-being of all those involved. This award was presented by our sponsor Bal Singh from Guest Truck.

Award: Players Player
Winner: Henry Bestwick
Sponsor: Leicestershire Cares.
The award for Players Player went to Henry Bestwick, Henry has made a massive impact on the business within his 18 months of being at Alltruck, after moving into rental he had the can-do attitude and has now become the go-to man in within the Rental team. This award was presented by our sponsor Kieran Breen from Leicestershire Cares.

Award: Best Newcomer
Winner: Milly-Jo Johnson
Sponsor: Dhollandia.
The award for Best Newcomer went to Milly-Jo Johnson, Milly always has a positive outlook and a can-do attitude, she thinks of all of the possible options to get the best reactions, she is selfless and is a team player throughout her time at Alltruck. This award was presented by our sponsor Jon Gould from Dhollandia.

Award: Outstanding Commitment
Winner: Bradley Parnham.
Sponsor: Ford & Slater.
The award for Outstanding Commitment went to Bradley Parnham, Bradley has stood out over the past 12 months with his commitment to Alltruck, commitment to delivering excellent customer service has really shone. This award was presented by our sponsor Tim Strevens from Ford & Slater.

Award: Team of the Year
Winner: Alltruck2
Sponsor; PIB Insurance Brokers.
The award for Team of the Year goes to went to Alltruck2. Despite challenges during 2023, they have all worked extremely hard to make a difficult year into a positive one! They all pulled together to achieve their goals and what was best for Alltruck2. This award was presented by David Munn from PIB Insurance Brokers.

Award: Employee of the Year
Winner: Leo Dawkins
Sponsor: Lombard.
The award for Employee of the Year went to Leo Dawkins, Leo has shown hard work, dedication, going the extra mile throughout the year. This award was presented by our sponsor, Carl Norman from Lombard.

Award: The Malcolm Smith Award for Personal Development
Winner: Salman Daila
Sponsor: Nexus Group
The award for The Malcolm Smith Award for Personal Development Award went to Salman Daila, Salman has come a long way since joining Alltruck and he always puts in 100% into everything he does. This award was presented by our sponsor, Nexus Group. 

Award: Disruptive Innovation
Winner: SharePoint Team
The award for Disruptive Innovation went to the SharePoint Team, consisting of Leon Mair, Andrea Collier, Iain Armstrong, Lisa Huthwaite and Alison Strange. Their dedication to making a more streamlined system to help with Vehicles In Progress was fantastic and will make the process easier for everyone to navigate.

With special thanks to Vaculug who sponsored our drinks reception.