Solar Panels on a Truck

We are partnering with Trailar, who are leaders in solar transport solutions, with the mission to change the face of transport through the integration of solar and data driven technology.

The aim of the solar panels on a truck is that they will decrease the fuel consumption on your contract hire vehicle and reduce the operating emissions.  We can fit these solar panels on your vehicle prior to delivery.

Solar Panels on a HGV Truck

The Solar panels on a truck are connected to a controller which monitors electrical requirements and delivers energy to on board batteries. The batteries power all on board electrical requirements such as radio, lights, air-conditioning and electrical refrigeration.

The energy that is supplied reduces the vehicles fuel consumption and emissions. The information is shared via a web-based dashboard for end users to view.

The solar panels are:-

  • 3mm thin and durable
  • 2kg per m2 so are lightweight
  • off a powerful 18.5% efficiency.

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