The Furniture Makers’ float in the Lord Mayor’s Show – Supported by Alltruck

The Lord Mayor’s Show in the City of London is always a spectacle with all the livery companies getting into the swing of things for the joyous procession. The wonderfully colourful Furniture Makers Company float was attended by people dressed as furniture; It made the Lord Mayor himself laugh and many people said it was their favourite float.

The Furniture Makers drove a DAF FX tractor unit from Alltruck and Celtheath’s Tiger trailer through London this November, with people in foam furniture costumes as outriders. And the weather was good. “We had a great time on a glorious day” commented Wendy Shorter-Blake, Master of The Furniture Makers’​ Company.

The DAF FX tractor unit in the parade was a brand new, 23 plate vehicle from Alltruck’s rental fleet. It was fully spec’d with DVS kit for driving through London, as required by Transport for London. The Direct Vision Standard is a measure of how much HGV drivers can see from their cab directly (without mirrors or video cameras). It’s an essential piece of kit and a great enhancement to safe transport.

Alltruck was very happy to take part when invited by Celtheath, one of their customers, and it was a lot of fun. Paul Robinson, Managing Director of Alltruck said:

Alltruck was delighted to be invited to support The Furniture Makers’ Company at the Lord Mayor’s Show at the weekend. A fantastic charity supporting their industry is truly inspirational. Really pleased we could support you all.

What members of the Furniture Makers’ Company tend to have in common is a passion for the furnishing industry, a philanthropic desire to ‘give back’ and a wish to meet and converse with like-minded individuals. Paul and Alltruck are very much looking forward to being a member of the Furniture Makers’ Company in December and are looking forward to supporting the charity more in the future!