2023 round-up of Alltruck’s partnership with Leicestershire Cares

Alltruck is very pleased to have been one of Leicestershire Cares’ business partners during 2023 – and we will be in 2024 too!

Leicestershire Cares is a great charity stretching across Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland. By brokering partnerships and creating opportunities, it enables the business sector to understand community needs, contribute to the growth of inclusive and safe communities, and support and inspire children and young people to transition to the workplace.

Alltruck has been involved with Leicestershire Cares for a while now. We contribute in different ways, from fund-raising and collecting donated items to offering support and work experience to raising awareness. Any involvement, small or large, it all adds up.

And we’ve picked up some awards or were finalists along the way which is always nice. More about that later.

Here’s the 2023 round-up of our involvement.

We raised funds

Tim, in our sales team, voted for Leicestershire Cares to be awarded funds by the road haulage company RH Amar as part of its donations to charitable causes, and won £5,000 on their behalf.

Customers, staff and the business donated prizes to our Christmas raffle in aid of Leicestershire Cares. The £260 raised went into the Bags of Hope festive campaign – see below!

We collected and wrapped donated items

Awesome Alltruckers made donations to the ‘Home Starter Kits’, part of the Making Moves project working with young people who are homeless. These young people are starting from scratch and have nothing to help them get off the ground running. Anything at all, no matter how small it seems to you, is a big thing for someone starting a new life from scratch.

We took part in the Eggstravaganza campaign collecting chocolate eggs and Easter craft kits for disadvantaged children, families and community groups who are at risk of being left behind.

The Bags of Hope festive campaign gives reusable tote bags filled with festive treats to local disadvantaged individuals and families. Our Christmas raffle funded 24 bags of hope which included many staff donations and sacks of toys.

Twelve people wrapped and helped in the workshop as part of the Toys on the Table campaign to provide Christmas presents to those children in Leicestershire who aren’t fortunate enough to get presents.

We offered support and work experience  

Our workshop welcomed a care leaver who was interested in an apprentice workshop role and was looking for work experience.

Jo, from our rental team, has acted as a mock interviewer to help students develop their confidence and key skills.

Angela, from our compliance team, is a volunteer independent visitor with Leicestershire Cares and Leicestershire County Council. This is a brilliant initiative which gives young people in care some respite and an opportunity to develop a relationship with an adult who is there for them and to listen, support and encourage them during their time in care, and often beyond.

Chris, from our public sector team, took part in ‘Guess my job’ panels, part of Leicestershire Cares’ employability activities in different schools.

We picked up some awards or were finalists along the way

As we said, that’s always nice!

Chris Oakes

  • Winner of the Volunteer of the Year 2023
  • Winner of the Outstanding Contribution to Work with Care Experienced Young People Award
  • Nominated for the Outstanding Volunteer Contribution to Community Development Award 2023
  • Nominated for the Outstanding Volunteer Contribution to Work with the VIP Project Award 2023


  • Nominated for the Outstanding Business Contribution to the VIP Project Award 2023
  • Nominated for the Outstanding Business Contribution to Community Development Award 2023.

Everybody benefits from this partnership

Children and young people benefit from the kindness, skills and knowledge that the Leicestershire Cares and Alltruck partnership offers.

At a personal level, people can get a lot out of volunteering with Leicestershire Cares.

Alltruck is very happy to be able to support the wider community, and children and young people particularly as they transition to work. We are looking forward to another year of supporting the charity. Watch this space to see more!