Exploring a Graduate Career in the Transport Industry

By Graduate Alison Strange

If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to dive headfirst into the logistics and transport industry, Alison Strange has a story that might just captivate you. In a recent video, Alison, a graduate management trainee at Alltruck, shares her journey and sheds light on the unique aspects that make Alltruck stand out as an employer. Her decision to join Alltruck became clear during the graduate day, where the warmth and kindness of the directors and fellow graduates left a lasting impression

A Glimpse into Alison’s Day-to-Day Role

Alison takes us through her daily responsibilities, offering insights into her role in the VIPS (Vehicles in Progress) department in Nottingham. She handles tasks ranging from taxing and cameras to coordinating the details of vehicle delivery to customers. Despite the complexities, Alison enjoys the fast-paced environment and the constant flow of engaging work.

Alison didn’t have prior knowledge of the logistics and transport industry before joining Alltruck. However, the company’s commitment to supporting its graduates with regular development days and training sessions has transformed her perspective. She now relishes sharing fun truck facts with friends and family.

Alltruck’s Supportive Culture

Alison values the support and nurturing she has received at Alltruck. The company’s approach involves assigning mentors with extensive knowledge to guide graduates, fostering a collaborative environment where challenges are tackled collectively. Alltruck encourages continuous learning and development through various initiatives, including unique projects and team-building activities.

Personal Growth and Career Development

Sharing her personal growth story, Alison expresses gratitude for the opportunities provided by Alltruck. From taking on leadership roles in council sessions to presenting green initiatives, she highlights the company’s investment in her career development. Alison radiates positivity about her future at Alltruck and appreciates the confidence and skill set she has gained.

Join the Alltruck Family

Alison’s advice to potential candidates? “Just get stuck in.” She recommends diving into the Alltruck experience with confidence, highlighting the friendly and supportive nature of the people at Alltruck. With numerous benefits, social events, and even unique experiences like playing with horses on a workday, Alison wholeheartedly recommends Alltruck as a workplace.

Watch Alison’s full video to get an authentic glimpse into life at Alltruck and discover why it might be the perfect place for your next career move. Embrace the Alltruck experience and become a part of their tight-knit, supportive community today!