Meeting an 18 tonne DAF at a Prepare to Pass event

If you hold a full driving licence, can you remember what you felt like before you passed your test? A bit nervous, perhaps? Unsure? Uncomfortable?

If you know a learner driver, you’ll have heard that waiting times for a test can be long. Add to this that in some areas pass rates are lower than the national average and that 1 in 5 people who fail their driving test say the main reason was because they were nervous on the day. This adds up to a lot of tension, frustration and slowness in the system.

The DVSA (Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency) knows that everyone learns differently and they are keen to do as much as possible to help prepare learners. That’s why they are holding events in some areas to help learner drivers feel more comfortable before their test. Time behind the wheel is essential to passing your test, of course, but face-to-face conversations and experiences of different vehicles all help too.

At a Prepare to Pass event, learners have an opportunity to meet an examiner who explains what happens during the test, starting from the waiting room through to the “show me, tell me” questions. They can ask questions about examiners’ role on test day, and what learners can and cannot do.

            I don’t feel quite so nervous now. The examiner was really nice. I didn’t expect a woman!

            I’ve got a much better idea of what to expect during the driving test. It’s not completely unknown like it was.

            That was really helpful. I feel a bit more confident now.

We attended a recent Saturday “Prepare to Pass” event at the DVSA Alveston Derby site.

We lent the DVSA one of Alltruck’s 18 tonne DAF trucks as part of a demonstration to reassure people and make them feel safer driving near HGVs. Staff from the DVSA were on hand to answer any truck safety questions. It showed visitors how truck maintenance is conducted and why safety is so important for big trucks.

            I didn’t know how much maintenance goes on with these big trucks. And how regularly. Yes, I feel much safer being near them.

Glad to boost the confidence of future drivers!