Our Partnership Triumph with The NX Group

In the dynamic world of logistics, where operational fluidity is paramount, Alltruck’s dedication to excellence and transparent communication takes centre stage in our transformative partnership with The NX Group. Our narrative begins in June 2021, unfolding a tale of commitment, adaptability, and peace of mind that distinguishes Alltruck.

When The NX Group required new vehicles to bolster its fleet for transporting high-value goods and electronics, they turned to Alltruck for a quote on 10x 18-tonne box vehicles. Recognising the urgency, we showcased our commitment by offering pre-contract vehicles from our rental fleet. This not only ensured continuity for The NX Group but laid the foundation for a collaborative and client-centric partnership.

Our collaboration deepened when The NX Group’s in-house transport supervisor, responsible for vehicle compliance, went on maternity leave. Turning to Alltruck for support in maintaining compliance and legal roadworthiness, clear communication channels were established, facilitating a seamless transition and underscoring Alltruck’s commitment to customer service.

In the realm of compliance management, Laura and the Alltruck compliance team excel at ensuring all fleets operate seamlessly. Proactive planning, scheduling inspections, Tail Lift Loler’s, Tacho, and MOTs are part of their daily activities, offering The NX Group peace of mind.

For Laura and the team, compliance isn’t a challenge—it’s their expertise. The NX Group implicitly trusts Alltruck with their trucks’ compliance, a testament to the team’s dedication. The proactive measures taken go beyond meeting standards; they provide assurance, allowing The NX Group to focus on core operations, confident that compliance is expertly handled by the dedicated team at Alltruck.

Impressed by the diligence and clear communication demonstrated by Alltruck, The NX Group made a strategic decision. Despite being aware of cost disparities compared to competitors, The NX Group expressed clear trust in Alltruck. The peace of mind offered by Alltruck’s comprehensive vehicle management far outweighed the cost considerations, leading The NX Group to choose Alltruck for an additional 9x 12-tonne box vehicles for a new contract.

In the evolving landscape of logistics, the story of Alltruck and The NX Group is more than a business transaction. It’s a testament to commitment, adaptability, and the power of clear communication in fostering partnerships that go beyond expectations. Alltruck’s ability to send clear messages through its actions has not only secured a loyal client in The NX Group but has set a standard for excellence in the industry.