Alltruck plc have been nominated for the Motor Transport Awards 2017!

Alltruck are extremely proud to announce that we have been shortlisted for the 2017 Motor Transport Partnership Award alongside DX Network Services in July.

Paul Robinson, Managing Director, said “It is testament to the relationship that we have developed with DX that we are now competing for this award. Working closely with DX, our Bodyshop has been able  to create an environmentally friendly vehicle which not only has an increased payload capability, but also dramatically reduces its carbon footprint. As members of the transport industry, we believed it was our responsibility to act and make a change towards reducing CO2 emissions, something we are extremely passionate about. The Partnership Award embodies all that we value at Alltruck, and we have long held the belief that through relationships we are able to protect the value of our customer’s brand and reputation. We position ourselves as ‘a specialist in building relationships’ and it is our Alltruck people who should take credit for this nomination.”

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