#InTheHeadlights This Week: David Moore

In the run-up to National Lorry Week, which begins on the 16th of November, each week we’ll be sharing stories from our very own HGV Heroes here at Alltruck plc.


#InTheHeadlights this week is David Moore.


Dave joined Alltruck plc in January 2018 as a Contracts Manager and is now part of the Key Accounts Team.


Our Key Account Managers act as the main point of contact between Alltruck plc and the customers they look after. Dave aims to create strong, lasting relationships with his customers and keeps them up to date with their KPIs, compliance, maintenance, drivers – all the way to assisting with breakdowns.


Dave has been working in Logistics for around 35 years and he has previously worked for companies such as Exel Logistics, GAP, and Halfords in an array of different roles within the industry.


How did you get into the industry?


“By default! I was a Time Savers Engineer, but I was made redundant from the Steel Industry in my early 20’s.

At the time, there were various government training schemes available and I chose vehicle mechanics – one part of that was attaining my HGV 1 Licence, and the other was getting my Transport CPC qualification.

I’ve since worked as a Warehouse Manager, Contracts Manager, Operations Manager, and a Transport Manager. I’ve been in charge of everything from 30 staff to 200 staff.”


Did you enjoy being an HGV driver?


“Driving was different then, if you needed to phone anyone, you stopped and had to go and find a phone booth. There was no aircon and no power-steering.

But roads are busier now (well, pre-Covid), and time limits on drivers are tighter.

Like everything in life – there were good and bad aspects to driving.”


Is there anything you wish people knew about what we do?


“It’s so lovely when we deliver a brand-new truck to a customer, we’re always really proud to present them. But you wouldn’t believe the amount of work from start to finish that goes behind that seamless delivery.

Doing the deal to delivering the truck is two ends. There is a massive amount that goes on unseen in the middle.”


“I also don’t think there’s much understanding on what goes on in the background to deliver a new truck, to get a truck back on the road after a breakdown, to putting a driver in a seat – especially if someone’s gone off sick or hasn’t turned up for any reason.”


What do you think the main challenges are that the industry faces today?


“Working in the Transport Industry isn’t seen as sexy or as hip as other industries, which means we do have a shortage of drivers. It’s a shame as the industry is absolutely essential for any country in order to keep it going.”


“However, I think the biggest challenge going forward is the environment.

But I believe my industry can make a difference in the face of climate change.

I am really big into recycling and doing my bit for the environment, and the industry must be open to new ways and new engine concepts in order to do their bit.”


What’s your favourite part of working in the logistics industry?


“One of the things that makes me proud of the industry is its ability to keep the whole country moving. Whenever you want something, it’s there, thanks to our trucks.

The logistics industry is essential!”


“I also like that I can provide trucks that are a bit more specific in this world. Like the [truss] trucks we provide for Donaldson Timber Engineering and Harmony Timber Solutions.

When you deliver those vehicles, people say things like:

‘It’s just like it’s Christmas – I’ve got a new truck today!’

And that’s exactly what I want. That makes me proud to be in the business.”