Nottingham’s Workshop Facilitator Matt Needham wins July Employee of the Month

Matt Needham has won the Alltruck Employee of the Month for July after receiving a record number of nominations, as his peers took the time to recognise him for his can-do attitude and hard work.

He works in the Nottingham Workshop, in the role of facilities and support, helping with the day-to-day running of the Workshop.

Whilst Matt used to have a more hands-on approach as a full-time technician, medical reasons meant he could not continue and he therefore had to take on a more administrative role.

As a reward for winning Employee of the Month, Matt receives £250 to donate to a charity of his choice.

Matt said: “This award means a lot after working for Alltruck since 2007 and I’m amazed that so many of my colleagues took the time to write such nice things about me.

“I chose to donate my prize money to the National Autistic Society as our youngest son William was diagnosed as being on the autistic spectrum at 3 years old and our elder son Lewie has Aspergers too. Therefore, I can appreciate the great work that they do to help those on the autistic spectrum.”

The National Autistic Society helps autistic people in a number of ways including: supported living, mentoring and campaigning for autism to be better recognised in society.

The charity has been helping autistic people for over 50 years and is particularly close to Matt’s heart after seeing first-hand the help and awareness that they provide.

One of the main reasons Matt won the July award was due to his willingness to go above and beyond. For example, he recently saved the company over £280 after a gear selector broke on a fork lift in Nottingham.

Rather than paying the £287 for a replacement, Matt bought a toggle switch for £5.50 and fettled it until it worked for the fork lift. This shrewd thinking saved the company a significant amount of time and money and is the type of forward, proactive thinking that is encouraged by the Alltruck values, and helped Matt secure his award.fork life, gear, DIY, fixed,

Whilst Matt has officially ‘downed tools’ the Workshop really value his technical knowledge and expertise, gained from his successful career as a Technician.

Nottingham Workshop Manager, Trevor Smith, said: “Matt really has been a great all-round help and has risen to the challenge with whatever I have put his way, even down to his willingness to do some Tacho installations, finding all the relevant information on parts and wiring diagrams at home in his own time.

“I believe Matt has shown the Alltruck behaviours we strive to promote throughout the company.”

Trevor also mentioned the hard work demonstrated by all members of staff in the Nottingham depot.

The Nottingham Workshop has been struggling with staff shortages, however the team, epitomised by Matt, have all dug in to help maintain the smooth running of the Workshop.

It is this commitment and attitude from all members of staff that helps to ensure Alltruck continue to excel, delivering brilliant maintenance and excellent customer service.

You can help support the National Autistic society, either by donating or volunteering; including working in the Nottinghamshire branch helping the parent self-help support group.