Leicester-based Fleet Controller impresses in her job

Fleet Controller, Laura Pugh, has impressed her colleagues with her hard work and positive attitude at the Croft Head Office. This has led to her being awarded the esteemed ‘Employee of the Month’ award for October.

Laura’s commitment was widely recognised throughout the business as she received seven nominations from a range of different departments.

She added: “I was overwhelmed to receive Employee of the Month and so many nominations, it makes me feel like a valued member of the fleet team. This is my biggest success since joining the company nine months ago.”

Her victory has led to her being rewarded with £250 to donate to a charity of her choice.

Laura has decided to donate her prize money to Cancer Research UK. She added: “The reason I have chosen Cancer Research UK, is because we all know somebody who has been affected by cancer. So, the more research they can do to find new treatments the better.”

Cancer Research UK, focuses its research on earlier diagnosis, prevention and treatment of cancer. Over the last 40 years its pioneering research has helped to double the cancer survival rate.

The charity has invested heavily in Leicester in its battle against cancer, including research into a blood test to detect cancer, studying how lung cancers become resistant to treatment and testing new treatments for people with mesothelioma at the University of Leicester.

Positive Attitude

Laura is renowned for not only getting on with the job at hand, but for her sunny disposition as she gets through her work with a smile on her face.

Fleet Operations Manager, Alex Rees, said: “No matter what day-to-day challenges Laura faces she always remains positive and never stops smiling. When Laura and I were talking about challenges the other day her comments were ‘it’s just speeding up my learning’ which is a fantastic mindset to have.

“With our new fleet management system, Jaama on the horizon we will all inevitably go through the change curve at some point and when you do it’s really good to have colleagues like Laura around to keep morale high.”

Managing Change

Each quarter at Alltruck, a competency is selected that staff focus on as they look to improve in that specific area.

For this quarter the competency ‘Managing Change’ has been selected, as staff look to cope with widespread change within the company, including a new fleet management system – Jaama, which will affect how the whole organisation works.

Laura has excelled in this competency. Oliver English, Continuous Improvement Co-ordinator, said: “In line with the competency of the quarter being ‘Managing Change’, I would like to nominate Laura Pugh.

“She has dealt with a number of changes recently and I must say she has dealt with them amazingly well, still displaying a positive can-do attitude and always happy to help, with a smile on her face, great attitude and a highly valued fleet team member.”

Fleet Controller

As a Fleet Controller, Laura’s responsibilities include proactively managing a fleet of commercial vehicles, liaising with repair agents and looking to continuously improve processes.

Laura is renowned for her excellent communication skills that help her support Alltruck’s valued customers. Her positive attitude in the face of adversity, with staff absences in the fleet department, is part of what makes her a great Fleet Controller and led to her winning Employee of the Month

Senior Fleet Controller, Dan Valentine, said: “She did an outstanding job whilst multiple members of staff were away. Without a shadow of a doubt she has been a real asset and a real key member of the team since she came in with the right attitude to roll her sleeves up and get on with it!”

There is currently an opening to work alongside Laura as part of the busy fleet team in Leicester. If you would like to apply for the Fleet Controller role please submit your CV.