Alltruck Supporting You With Your DVS 2024

At Alltruck plc, we are committed to keeping our customers informed about industry changes that may impact your operations. In this regard, we want to bring your attention to the upcoming modifications in the Direct Vision Standard (DVS) set to take effect in October 2024.

What is the Direct Vision Standard (DVS)? The DVS, introduced by Transport for London (TfL), aims to enhance road safety, particularly for vulnerable road users such as cyclists and pedestrians. It focuses on the direct visibility a driver has from their vehicle.

Why the Change in 2024? The changes in 2024 are geared towards making our roads safer by updating DVS requirements. This ensures that HGVs are equipped with the latest safety features, ultimately reducing the risk of accidents involving large vehicles.

What are the DVS Changes? From October 2024, HGVs over 12 tonnes entering or operating in Greater London will require a minimum of a three-star DVS rating. Vehicles falling below this rating must be fitted with updated safety features, known as the progressive safe system (PSS).

Here is a summary of the DVS changes:

DVS Star Rating System: Zero, one, and two-star permits granted before June 24, 2024, are valid until midnight on October 27, 2024. After this date, new safety permits must demonstrate compliance with the new PSS requirements.

Progressive Safe System (PSS): Includes requirements for a Camera Monitoring System (CMS), mirrors, blind spot sensors, MOIS sensors, under-run side protection, audible vehicle manoeuvring warning, and warning signage.

How will these DVS Changes Affect Alltruck Customers? If you operate within Greater London and your vehicle is rated 2 stars or below on the DVS scale, you will need to install updated safety features to apply for a safety permit.

Need Any Help with DVS Requirements? At Alltruck, our mission is “protecting value.” Keeping your HGVs compliant with safety requirements is essential to us. If you have any questions or need assistance with DVS compliance, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at 0116 402 1800 or