We are Pleased to Welcome our new HR Manager, Jess Holt, to Team Alltruck

We’re very pleased to welcome our new Human Resources Manager, Jessica Holt, to the business.

Jess joined Alltruck plc on the 4th of January as our new HR Manager and she will be working alongside our HR Advisor, Lisa Thurman, to cover everything from onboarding new staff, to helping employees through their Alltruck journey, and coaching our managers as well as much more!

Last week, I had a chat with Jess to find out a bit more about how she got into HR, how she came to join Alltruck, and find out about her big move from Dorset to Warwickshire!

How did you get into the HR side of things?

I studied Business at Bournemouth University, and obviously business is quite broad, so I wanted to go on a graduate program to find out what I love to do.

I found a business graduate program at a large, international company where I rotated around the different areas of the business.

Through the program, I realised that helping people and making a difference to people was what I really enjoyed. Also being able to do this within a business, which is trying to achieve its goals. People are key to the success of any business and if you have engaged people, the business will strive.

It was there I found my passion for HR.

What is it you enjoy most of all about HR?

I am inspired by helping people and supporting them through their careers. I most enjoy working on employee engagement initiatives and learning and development, specifically coaching and supporting managers.

Staff wellbeing is also at the centre of HR’s focus. By proactively raising awareness and promoting positive mental health and wellbeing, people feel more confident to talk to each other. I want our staff to know that HR is here to support them.

What drew you to Alltruck plc?

For me, it was the values primarily.

When you’re looking to join a business, you want to make sure that you’re joining somewhere with a really good culture and people focus.

I really like Alltruck’s values and feel they really align with my own values and how I like to work and to help people.

Through the website, videos, and the recruiting process, I could really see that the values were real.

They are embodied and lived by the people.

Really, I just felt like Alltruck was the right kind of place for me to be.

What industry did you work in before joining Alltruck plc?

Before Alltruck, I’ve always worked in the manufacturing industry.

What will your duties include at Alltruck plc?

At Alltruck, I will have quite a varied role. Every day will be different.

I’ll be helping look after our job vacancies and recruiting new people. Here, we will really be thinking about what kind of person we want to join our team.

Then, it will be onboarding when new people start in the business.

I will also be helping employees through their journey at Alltruck and supporting management. So, if managers need support with their teams or they just need some general help and coaching, I’ll be there.

What do you hope to bring to HR at Alltruck?

I think the main thing for me is that I want to change people’s mindsets towards HR. I think quite often people believe that HR is just there to deal with the difficult things. But it’s more than that, it’s a support network and a place you can go to for development and opportunities. With HR support, it brings people to the forefront of the business and the decision-making process.

What are your interests outside of work?

Last year, we moved from Dorset to Warwickshire. So not only have I started a new job at Alltruck, but I’ve also relocated.

It’s been quite a change. We don’t have the sea here which I’m missing a little bit, but we really like the countryside around here as we love our walking. It’s been nice exploring the areas around here as there are some beautiful places.

Last year, through the pandemic, we renovated our house which was a cool project. We bought the house last January and moved in late June in 2020.








I’m also into keeping fit outside of work. That’s one of the ways I manage my wellbeing, so I like to get out walking and taking Pilates classes.

I also love traveling. I went to China and Thailand in 2018 for a month-long trip which was amazing. I hope to see New Zealand a little later down the line as well.