Climate change and carbon emissions- you can make a difference

The transport industry

Climate change is a real issue within world politics and the road transport industry is often looked upon to do more to reduce its overall carbon footprint. Of all the transport industries, road transport is by far the biggest producer of greenhouse gasses (GHG), accounting for more than 70% of all GHG emissions from transport in 2014.

The transport industry has fallen behind other sectors in the pursuit of lower emission rates. Heavy good vehicles (HGVs) are estimated to account for around 17% of UK GHG emissions from road transport, whilst making up just 5% of vehicle miles.

Ultimately, as members of the transport industry it is our responsibility to act and make the necessary changes to reduce the volume of carbon emissions being released.

Despite alternative fuel options making headlines within the automotive sector, they are still in their infancy and they are not yet seen as a viable option to completely revolutionise the HGV industry. Therefore, examining one’s fleet options is a simple yet effective way of reducing the carbon emissions output of your fleet.

Creating a vehicle for change

Alltruck’s Bodyshop division have created a new range of 5 tonne and 3.5 tonne vehicles which have load capabilities of 2200Kgs and 1200Kgs respectively, both with the ability to carry a load length of 6000mm. The vehicles are built with lightweight Polypropylene panels which ensures the vehicle’s weight is kept to a minimum. The 5 tonne vehicles, having replaced a fleet of 7.5 tonne vehicles, are showing a 26% reduction in carbon emissions.

These effects have a massive impact on both fuel consumption and operating costs, something which cannot be overlooked especially when the cost of diesel has increased by 20ppl when compared to this time last year. Fuel accounts for up to a third of a HGV’s running costs. Therefore, investing your time now in understanding which vehicle provides the solution to your transport problems means you can then enjoy the long-term benefits.

Knowing when a 5 tonne vehicle can replace a 7.5 tonne vehicle and when a 3.5 tonne vehicle can replace a 5 tonne vehicle, is knowledge worth having. We need to act on this knowledge and educate those who could benefit from it.

Bigger doesn’t always mean better.