Introducing our new Business Development Manager, Peter Bosi

Peter Bosi has a wealth of experience in Sales within the Commercial Vehicle industry, and Alltruck plc is very excited to welcome him on board. Peter joined Alltruck plc in November last year and will be taking care of our customers in the West Midlands.

Just before we broke up for our Christmas break, I managed to get hold of Peter for a quick chat to find out what he did prior to joining Alltruck and what he hopes to achieve within the business.


What did you do prior to joining Alltruck plc in November?

I have been in the Commercial Vehicle/Contract Hire for over 35 years, and for the majority of that time involved in sales & account management.

I was with my previous company for just under 11 years and I am really excited to be at Alltruck now.


How did you get into the Truck Rental and Contract Hire industry?

I’ve been involved with Commercial Vehicles since leaving school. I always really wanted to get into sales as a young boy and I also liked trucks which has stayed with me during my working life.

An opportunity came up in truck sales and I grabbed it. It’s proved to be a great industry to be involved in, over the years it has evolved with new technology, trucks becoming ever safer and cleaner with higher emission standards which I think is really important.


Why did you choose to join Alltruck plc?

Obviously, in the business, you do come across different companies. Over a period of time, we’ve had mutual customers who spoke highly of the service provision that Alltruck offered and, more importantly, the people in the business drew me to Alltruck.

I haven’t been disappointed since joining Alltruck. It’s great to see the ‘can-do’ nature that everyone has and commitment to the end-goal in the development of the business is really refreshing and exciting.

I’m a people person, I like to be in front of people. I like the fact that Paul [Managing Director of Alltruck], has the same sort of philosophy about caring for people and their businesses.

My belief is the same as the business that commercial vehicles are a major decision within any customer’s business and, although it’s difficult at the moment, decisions like that are better made face-to-face.


What do you hope to achieve within Alltruck plc?

Although it’s difficult due to the times we’re living in at the moment, one of the things I’m most excited about is getting in front of customers and having a really good team around me that are there to support and look after prospects and current customers.

I can see already that looking after customers is a really clear goal for the business, and it’s one that truly aligns with my own goals, too.

I do get that excitement of seeing our customers’ new vehicles out on the road. But I get even more joy of seeing a replacement vehicle 5 years down the line go out on the road. To me, that means we’ve delivered a great service, the customer’s happy with what we’ve provided, and they are confident by renewing with us for another period of time – that really gives me great enjoyment and job satisfaction. You know then that you’ve done well, the company’s done well and the relationship is there for the future.


What are your favourite things to do (non-work related)?

I have three lads with who I enjoy spending family time. We are all keen on sport and they keep me on my toes with their competitiveness. I have always enjoyed traveling, and now the lads have grown up we are hoping to travel more and see more places in the world. I have played golf for many years and enjoy a game when I can.


At the end of our chat, Peter added that he hoped that 2021 is a better year for all of us and that he can’t wait to get out and meet his customers.


If you’re interested in contract hire, or a rental truck, and would like to have a chat with Peter, or one of our other lovely Sales guys, please give Alltruck plc a call on 0115 838 9680