Case Study: MIDFIX

MIDFIX supplies a vast range of pipe and cable supports to the building services industry. MIDFIX possesses its own in-house engineering design team and fabrication workshop to develop bespoke support solutions for its customers.

Based in Nottingham, the family-owned specialist distributor has been operating since 1974. In 2019, MIDFIX was awarded the ‘Best Supplier’ award from Briggs and Forrester. MIDFIX is ISO9001:2015 accredited and has been awarded the FORS Silver accreditation.

Find more out about MIDFIX on their website:


When we first started working with MIDFIX in November 2019, it was clear that their values aligned with ours. MIDFIX are willing to invest in their business and most importantly, their people.

Although the trucks in their fleet allowed them to carry a high payload, which is of high importance, it did mean somewhat sacrificing driver comfort. As people are at the centre of their business, this is something that they wished to improve upon, whilst still maintaining an efficient payload.

MIDFIX are a Silver accredited member of The Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme (FORS), which is a voluntary accreditation scheme for fleet operators. Its purpose is to raise the level of quality within fleet operations, and to demonstrate which operators can provide reassurance that their operation is being run safely, efficiently and in an environmentally sound manner.

Therefore, it was a necessity that the vehicles we would be providing were compliant with this scheme.


To help MIDFIX, we carefully listened to their requests and the challenges they were experiencing. We also asked a lot of questions to make sure that the solution we would be providing would be spot on. Then, we got to work.

Together, this is the solution that we came up with:

  • Four different vehicles to ensure that we met all the requirements for MIDFIX. These vehicles are:
  • Two 3.5t Fiat Ducato van’s for their more local deliveries and smaller parts.
  • Two 7.2t Iveco Daily trucks’s for their larger parts and longer journeys. One of the Iveco’s has a dropside body, whilst the other is a curtainside. This gives MIDFIX different choices for their array of products.
  • Eye-catching livery that was designed by MIDFIX and made possible by Alltruck plc. This fantastic design will certainly be a strong competitor for Livery of the Year!
  • Spacious day cabs with air suspension seats, air-con, cruise control, steering wheel controls, climate control, USB connectors, and lots of storage.
  • Extra driver-safety features on the trucks, such as lane departure warning systems, advanced emergency braking system, and steering-wheel airbags.
  • Fuel economic vehicles to help aid their FORS Silver Accreditation in creating a greener transport sector.
  • Live-view cameras fitted to the vehicles covering the blind-spots.
  • Maintenance and servicing of all MIDFIX vehicles will now be done by Alltruck plc.


MIDFIX are thrilled with how the livery has turned out on their panel vans, and they are looking forward to seeing how it will look on the Iveco trucks as well. The Iveco Daily trucks are currently being built and scheduled for completion in August.

Even though their new vehicles are slightly heavier than their current ones, they provide greater fuel economy. This will mean that MIDFIX will not only reduce their carbon footprint, but they will also be saving on fuel costs.

Previously MIDFIX mostly had dropside vehicles on their fleet, and they have told Alltruck plc it is a real benefit for the company to be able to preload their vehicles, whatever the weather. They were unable to do this with their dropsides in case the goods got wet or damaged. This makes for a much more flexible solution for the warehouse team to manage resulting in vehicles getting on the road earlier each day.

The spacious day cabs, which are specified to ensure driver comfort, will certainly make for happier drivers.

The driver-safety features on the Fiat vans and Iveco trucks will create a safer environment for the driver while the unique body design drawn up by MIDFIX and built by Alltruck plc will provide the load space required to ensure driver and customer satisfaction.

MIDFIX are absolutely committed to managing road safety while reducing their environmental impact. At Alltruck plc, it was important that we aligned with these values.

To further enhance vehicle safety as part of FORS, MIDFIX requested four live-view cameras to be situated around the van facing outwards, covering the vehicle’s blind spots. They are fitted to protect the driver, cyclists, pedestrians, and other road users. The cameras can also be viewed by the MIDFIX customer services team to enhance the end-user experience providing accurate location details and proof of delivery.  Similarly to the requirements of the Direct Vision Standard, we have also incorporated an audible alert for when the vehicle is reversing, or making a left turn.

Alltruck plc doesn’t just provide trucks, but we brilliantly maintain them as well. Going forward, Alltruck will maintain all MIDFIX’s fleet.

Dealing with one primary supplier who can source, design, build, provide livery and maintain vehicles were the main reasons why MIDFIX chose Alltruck plc as a partner.