The Wire Project

People often say ‘charity starts at home’. They are correct, it does start at home. Your home, is your community. At Alltruck, we believe it’s important to help those in our community.

Our partnership with Leicestershire Cares began in 2012 and together we have achieved some truly inspiring feats. Not least, our work with The Wire Project.

The Wire Project was set up to give people a second chance. There is an undeniable stigma associated with ex-offenders, which in turn makes their attempts at securing employment nearly impossible. This more often than not, leads to re-offending. The Wire Project aims to tackle this issue. The Wire Project helps to integrate ex-offenders back into the community with the support of local businesses by providing short term work placements.

23 people have benefited from work placements with Alltruck. An opportunity which many have seized. From the 23, 11 have gone onto gain full time employment. Of those 11, Sam Allen still continues his journey at our Loughborough depot.

Sam has developed massively during his time at Alltruck. That is a testament to Sam’s determination to make the most of his second chance. Sam has been with us for 2 years and we can’t imagine the Loughborough depot without him. Sam has now set his sights on becoming a qualified HGV technician, we will support him along that journey.

The experience has not only helped those in need of support, but it has also opened the eyes of our employees. Tackling the preconceptions of ex-offenders. The positive effects of The Wire Project are far reaching. It has given people the opportunity to gain an ever so important work reference. This reference has helped people return to work and most importantly, return to their community without reoffending.