#InTheHeadlights This Week: Jamie Staniland

In the run-up to National Lorry Week, which begins on the 16th of November, each week we’ll be sharing stories from our very own HGV Heroes here at Alltruck plc.


#InTheHeadlights this week is Jamie Staniland.


Jamie Staniland is one of our HGV Body Builders who works at our Loughborough depot. He has been working at Alltruck plc for just over a year and he is currently in the process of moving sectors within the company as he plans to get his Class 1 license and work as an Alltruck driver.


What does that entail on a day-to-day basis?

In the Bodyshop, each month we get tasked with the projects that we must complete by certain deadlines. We build everything from 3.5t box vans to 26t curtainsiders or boxes, as well as repair vehicles.


How long have you been working in the transport industry?

Since leaving school, so around 12 years now. In that time period, I have done a lot of vehicle recovery.

When I first left school, I started up my own business in recovery. I had that going for four years before moving to a recovery firm.

Then, I fancied a change, so I came to Alltruck to find out how a truck is all put together as I was quite intrigued by how that happened, but now I am going back to driving.


Why did you choose this industry to come into straight from school?

As a kid, growing up with my dad and grandad – they’ve always driven trucks. So I wanted to keep it in the family. I’ve done the same thing as them, my little brother’s doing the same thing now. It’s kind of like a family thing really.


What are your thoughts on the industry?

We all need it. Without places like this building trucks, there would be no trucks on the road, and without trucks on the road – well, I don’t know where we would be. They’re basically a lifeline for everyone around the world.

I think it’s a wicked industry to work in, it’s great. I really get a buzz out of seeing people transporting unusual cargo, such as trains, planes, and diggers.


What’s one thing about the industry you wish people who aren’t in it knew about?

People just see a truck as a truck. But it’s not just a truck when you build them from the ground up and you look back at the finished piece and think “oh wow, I built that” – it’s more than a truck. I have such pride in my work.


What makes you proud to be in the industry?

It’s just a great industry. No two days are the same, especially out driving.

One day you could be picking up nine brand-new Range Rovers, and the next day it could Lamborghinis or Ferraris. It could be absolutely anything, it’s so varied and exciting.