Interview with Our New Business Development Manager: Scott Russell

Scott Russell joined our Sales team at Alltruck plc on the 17th of August 2020 as a Business Development Manager. Scott has a whole host of experience within the trucking industry, and he is sure to be a valuable part of our team going forward.

Last week, Scott kindly agreed to do an interview. Here is what we were chatting about:


Why did you choose to come to Alltruck plc?

The truck rental and contract hire company I worked at for 8 years before coming here was destroyed by the coronavirus. Then, after having received a few offers, I decided to come to Alltruck because, this sounds a bit soft, but Alltruck has always had a special place in my heart. Even back in the day, [when I worked here 22 years ago at Alltruck Newbury on the trailer side of the business], I had a lot of affection for the business. We had good times there. Now I’m lucky enough to be back.


How long have you been in the industry?

I’ve been working in the trucking industry for too many years. Once you’re in it, you’re in it for life. It’s diesel in your veins, as a lot of people say.

It’s a bit like in the power plant in The Simpsons when [Mr. Burns] puts up a sign: “Don’t Forget: You’re Here Forever” and that’s what Truck Rental/Contract Hire is like.

But it’s an industry that’s a very personal industry based around people. I’m very lucky, I still deal with people today that I’ve been dealing with for over 30 years. I see their children from being born to growing up and working in their parents’ businesses. That’s really good, I like that a lot.


What did you do before getting into trucks?

When I left school, I started off in Agriculture and Plant Engineering, then I went into the Caravan and Narrowboat industry where I was a Mechanic for a company that supplied all different parts for caravans and boats. But not too long after being there, the Boss said that the customers had been reporting back saying nice things about me, so he offered me a job in Sales. So that’s how I started in Sales.

Then I sort of broke into trucks by accident. I had my first daughter and I needed a job where I wasn’t away, as, at the time, I was working away a lot. So, I got myself a job as a trainee Mercedes salesman in Coventry selling the Mercedes trucks, and it just went from there, really.


What’s one thing you wished people knew about the trucking industry?

I wish that people had a better perception of UK transport. Because, like the RHA say, “without trucks, you get nothing.”

In Europe, a truck driver is treated as a true professional. But here, the government doesn’t see road haulage as a professional industry.

I’d like to see a change in the way that people view the transport industry. Although, due to the coronavirus, the government has put drivers down as key workers, which has helped a bit.

I also don’t think people realise how fuel-efficient and low emission trucks are, or how much legislation there is in terms of the services, the inspections, the safety.


What do you think of the Alltruck values?

All the years I’ve worked, I’ve not had an employer that’s got an interest, but Alltruck is different.

Usually, you just go in and do what you do, and they’re not interested in you personally, like your development and what you think. Occasionally you’d be in a meeting and people would take your opinions and ideas. But here, it’s in the DNA of what Alltruck does.

I’m sure as the coronavirus measures changes and it goes back to how it was – I think it’s going to be great.


What are your hobbies outside of work?

I’ve been involved in a truck racing team for the past 14 years, and I’ve also been racing my little Vauxhall Chevette for the past 3 years. I compete all over the country doing hill climbs, I do a lot in Jersey in the Channel Islands, Devon, Lichfield, and Yorkshire.

I also built a campervan during lockdown. It started as a plain Mercedes Sprinter and I’ve just converted it into a campervan. Before I started here [at Alltruck plc], I took it around the outer Hebrides and did a bit of a Scottish tour.


If you’re interested in any of our contract hire or rental vehicles and would like to have a chat with Scott, or one of our other brilliant members of the Sales team, please give Alltruck plc a call on 0115 838 9680