Alice Taylor: My Alltruck Journey So Far…

Hi, I’m Alice. I started my Alltruck journey in January 2021 on the Graduate Rotation Scheme, and these are some of the thoughts I have about my journey so far.



I specifically wanted to focus on the huge amount I have learnt since joining and how Alltruck has facilitated my learning in four key areas, since I believe learning and developing is paramount to a successful career.

The first learning point will relate to my colleagues, then the graduate development program, the training days and finally the qualifications.

Throughout this blog, I will be referencing the steep learning curve which I am overcoming, with an interesting looking character representing me on my journey.


The Starting Line

Throughout the interview process what struck me as odd was I was never once asked about my knowledge of the truck or transport industry.

It wasn’t until I accepted the offer that I realised I knew less than nothing about trucks; this illustration below represents me in the bottom left-hand corner with my complete lack of knowledge on all things truck-related.



I mean it can only go up from here, right?


Ready, Set, GO!

My learning journey started in the Fleet team. It was a minefield of unfamiliar terminology and abbreviations.

I tried to turn to trusty google to help me instead of continually asking questions. However, when I tried to google what a rave was on a truck, you can imagine the unhelpful results that populated.



That’s when I knew that my colleagues where my best form of information and they were all willing to answer my countless questions and explain something I did not understand.

From Gary, one of our Fleet Controllers, sitting with me explaining why specific customers are on certain inspection cycles to Andrea, who works with manufacturers as they build the truck, showing me the different types of tail lift. It was all such valuable information that I managed to store and use as I moved around the business.

So, my initial learning was facilitated by my colleagues, supporting me, and teaching me all they knew about the industry and the business.



Starting Steady

As things started to resemble normality following the last lockdown, the Graduate Development Programme was able to take place. This allowed for a whole new aspect of learning.

On these days, you get to have a say in what you want to focus on and what skills you want to develop. This is then tailor made to ensure you are getting out of it what you want, and it is purely focused on being as beneficial as possible to you and your Alltruck journey.

We have so far covered a range of topics from how to influence, through to knowing the different parts of a truck. Not only this, but these sessions are interactive. Learning doesn’t have to be sitting in a room where one person speaks, and Alltruck have made sure this isn’t the case.

We have been on days out to Go Ape, we have open discussions where we are encouraged to give our points of view, we are given activities and tasks that force us to use the skills we are developing and put them into practice.



I now know several techniques on how to influence someone, I know what a swan neck is on a truck and the importance of a kingpin when attaching a trailer to a tractor unit. I understand how important it is to know how a person likes to be communicated to, whether they just need the bare minimum facts or they’re after a bit of background information to feel properly informed. I also know how to give a powerful presentation (in fact I was lucky enough to receive a bottle of bubbles when I won the presentation challenge).



These are not just skills you need in business, but in life. I have certainly taken these learnings across into my personal life, too.

This is just a snippet of the Graduate Development Days that Alltruck provides throughout the year.

So based on this learning aspect it allowed me to further progress on my learning curve adding to the knowledge I have previously gathered.


Handing Over the Baton

SO, you might be thinking that in order for me to get all these learning opportunities I have to be on this graduate scheme. Well, you would be wrong.

Alltruck also provide training days for all employees to show they are valued in their development. One of the training days I have experienced has related to getting to know your customers to better understand what they value Alltruck and how we can further build better relationships with them.

It didn’t matter if you were in a role that had minimal contact with customers or a role where you interacted with them all the time. It was used as a tool to be able to see things from other perspectives and maybe understand why certain customers are the way they are. After all, we need these customers so it is just making sure that employees can step away from their everyday roles and see the bigger picture.

Many different employees across a number of departments were also invited to a day learning all about business finances, which may sound pretty dry and boring. However, Alltruck made this fun with a business simulation game (think Monopoly, but even more strategic). This day certainly gave us all a deeper understanding of how tricky it is to balance finances.



As you can see these days provided new learning opportunities and interaction with colleagues I wouldn’t necessarily work with. This allowed me to not only build industry knowledge but also become closer with my work colleagues through teamwork.

This is represented in the progression along the curve.



Keeping Pace

Lastly are qualifications. Qualifications or the opportunity to gain further qualifications is an important part to consider when applying for a job.

For me, Alltruck has outdone themselves.

In the 12 months I have been an Alltrucker, I have become a Fire Marshall and have been First Aid Trained, which is extremely handy when you work in a mainly wooden building.



My proudest achievement, however, would be that I am technically now a qualified Transport Manager!

I know, shock right… Me, who didn’t know the front end of a truck to the back end last January, has now passed the CPC exams which demonstrate my knowledge and professional competence of the industry.

I learnt an unbelievable amount on that course and absorbed as much as I possibly could so that I could use this in my everyday role.

I would never have been given the opportunity to do this if it wasn’t for Alltruck. They supported and financed the three-week course, which I take as a clear indication of their belief in me and my potential.


Hitting the Home Straight

Finally, referring back to my learning curve, I took a larger jump after my CPC as my breadth of knowledge was expanded 10-fold.



This represents where I am today, having made huge progress over the 10 months.

Having been thrown into an industry that I knew less than nothing about, to now feeling confident speaking to customers about specific parts of a truck, knowing the compliance surrounding different types of trucks and feeling empowered to make daily decisions. Surely that is a testament to the learning opportunities that Alltruck has provided.


Over the Finish Line and Onto the Next

I have guided you through the ways in which Alltruck have championed my learning journey, through the development days, my work colleagues sharing their vast knowledge, the Alltrucker training days and the potential for qualifications.  However, this is not where my learning journey ends….



I firmly believe that you always have the capacity to learn regardless of whether you have been in the industry for over 20 years, or just 5 minutes.

Alltruck fosters an environment that allows you to continually learn and explore other aspects of the business. They help you develop the skills you need to be successful.

I can’t imagine what skills or qualifications I will earn in the coming years, but I am excited to find out.

I hope that has given you an insight into what it’s like to work at Alltruck, and why maybe you should consider growing or even starting your career here.

In this blog, I have only focused on the learning aspects that Alltruck can offer, but that is just the tip of the iceberg. Don’t even get me started on how awesome the people are here…


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