How Alltruck Staff, Rhiann and Wayne, Helped Keep Young People Inspired During Lockdown Through Volunteering with Leicestershire Cares

Lockdown was a tough time for millions of us across the globe, but it hit a few groups particularly hard. Children who were stripped of social interactions with their friends and mentoring from their teachers, and teens trying to find jobs or start their careers, were included in those who were really affected.

However, despite the adversity we were all experiencing, it was in those moments where we saw community spirit and team effort come to light as thousands of people across the country volunteered their time to help their neighbours.

In Leicestershire, the charity Leicestershire Cares stepped in to offer their support along with their army of volunteers. They wished to help the kids who were falling behind due to the lockdown and be there to support teens who’d had a difficult start in life in securing employment.

Alltruck plc’s Rental Administrator, Rhiann Pugh, and Account Manager, Wayne Haynes, were two of those wonderful volunteers working alongside Leicestershire Cares during lockdown, offering their help and guidance to young people.

To say thank you for their work, Leicestershire Cares awarded both Rhiann and Wayne a Golden Heart.

Here is what Rhiann and Wayne have to say about receiving the award and the wonderful projects Leicestershire Cares carry out:

Rhiann Pugh received her Golden Heart Award for “making a fantastic maths challenge video.”

“I worked with the Number Partner kids at Croft Primary School, which is very close to Alltruck’s Head Office, for around 6 months before lockdown. There was a team of us that went from Alltruck, Kerry Bonham and Clare Cliffe were also a part of it, and we’d all in rotation go to visit the children every Wednesday. I went there every three weeks.”

“We would go and help some of the children who were in the Number Partners scheme during their lunch breaks. We would be with the kids for half an hour and play maths games with them. Whether it’s confidence with maths, or just general social skills, these games aimed to help them.”

“When we went into lockdown and all the staff was furloughed, the schools were closed, so Number Partners sort of just stopped. Leicestershire Cares was trying to think of ideas of how they could connect to the children and one of the ideas was making a video.”

“So, I thought, I’ve got my work laptop with me so I could just put my Alltruck polo top on and record myself. In the video, I did a few maths games – multiplication, sums, and I sort of tried to make it fun. The video wasn’t too long, but it was fun to do. I enjoyed it and it made me think about the kids. It was nice because it seemed to be really appreciated as well.”

“Number Partners is nice to take part in because it’s something different to do. Alltruck is really great at that, giving you opportunities to connect with the community and get out and network a bit. I probably never would have volunteered for Leicester Cares if I was furloughed without being introduced to them with Alltruck. Alltruck is always open to helping the community in any way they can.”

“I’ve also made some really contacts through this with the people who work for Leicestershire Cares and at the school.”

“The maths video was obviously the thing that was highlighted with the Golden Heart Award, but I also did CV feedback for ex-convicts. I read their CVs and I did mock interviews with them over Zoom in order to help them get back into work.”

“It was great to help out in the small way I could by giving feedback on CVs and making the math’s video for the kids.”

Read more about Number Partners and how your business could get involved here.

Wayne Haynes received his award for “motivating young people throughout the pandemic through supporting a variety of employability skills workshops including CV reviewing and mock interviews.”

“With Alltruck, they give us time out of our day to help Leicestershire Cares with their different projects.”

“Whilst I was furlough, I got involved with Leicestershire Cares. Well, I was involved anyway, but because I was on furlough, I had a lot more time to invest in it. I was helping young people with interview techniques, how to present themselves, and a few hints and tips on CVs as well.”

“It’s great to see what the participants take away from it. Some with very different backgrounds, but the feedback I got from them was fantastic. Two of the people that I helped have actually gone on to get roles in the things that they wanted and that just makes it’s all worthwhile.”

“It was a learning experience for me as well listening to all the different participants and what they had to say. It’s so good to see that you’re actually helping the kids when they need it most – it’s really rewarding.”

“I was more than willing to help and I really enjoyed it, it took a lot away from what was going on in the world.”

Helen Treadwell, Leicestershire Care’s Education Development Officer, and Rhiann and Wayne’s contact throughout lockdown guiding them through the projects, adds:

The Leicestershire Cares team really appreciates the commitment that Alltruck continually gives to our projects and the creative and agile way in which they work with us to support the community. It was a pleasure to award Rhiann and Wayne with Golden Hearts as they have stepped up during these uncertain times to support children and young people in the community and to give them tools to succeed in the future.

We look forward to helping Leicestershire Cares with their future projects! If you’re interested in supporting Leicestershire Cares, find out what your business can do by following this link: