Employees of the month for August are Steve Grundy and Barry Edwards!

This month two employees were awarded Employee of the Month. Both Steve and Barry received individual nominations as well as a joint nomination for their work on overcoming a challenge together.

Recently the rental team were short of a driver and desperately needed someone to drive for one of our customers to make sure their goods arrived on time. The rental team weren’t having much luck and asked Barry if he would be able to cover the driver’s role for a week. He was given very little notice and covering the role would mean staying away from home for a week. Despite this, Barry happily agreed to cover the role to ensure our customer’s duties were fulfilled.

In order for this swap to take place, Barry’s role would need to be covered whilst he was away. Steve offered to cover Barry’s role as well as his own to make sure all work would be completed. This meant covering overnight shifts as well as additional driving duties.

Barry and Steve showed just how committed to customers they are and we really appreciate their willingness to help to make sure all of the work could be done for our customers. Commitment to customers is a value that Alltruck employees embody and as a company, we are so proud to acknowledge such amazing work.

Winners of Employee of the Month receive £250 to donate to a charity of their choice. Barry and Steve decided to split their donations and each chose a worthy charity to donate to. Barry Edwards chose Great Ormand Street Children’s Hospital and Steve Grundy selected the PDSA, both worthy charities and we hope the donation helps with the amazing work they do.

Congratulations to both Barry and Steve both on their individual contributions to their work as well as their amazing teamwork which led to them overcoming a challenge which had a huge benefit to our customers, great work!

To find out more about Alltruck’s commitment to supporting the community, click here.