Successful Dual Temperature Lorry Delivery for Asco Foods

Asco Foods

Sunny Chadha runs Asco Foods with his brothers Ravi, and Ash.  Asco was established in March 2004 and specialises in distributing Asia’s best-known brands to retailers, restaurants and cash & carry stores across the UK, Ireland and beyond.

Why Asco Foods decided to work with us 

Sunny and his team were frustrated with their previous supplier’s standard of customer care.  The level of support dropped after the company was bought out by a larger operator. He started to look for another vehicle contract hire supplier and was impressed by Alltruck’s speed of response, value for money, and clear explanation of what Asco Foods would be getting into.

Vehicle requirements

Asco Foods already has a fleet of dual temperature lorries but it’s a growing business and they felt there was room for one or two more. In particular, they required a vehicle suitable for transporting products in and around London.

They discussed it with the Alltruck team and identified a DAF 18 tonne as being suitable and meeting deliverability and lead time requirements. Alltruck made sure the vehicle had full telematics, met all safety standards and conformed to all UK regulations.

How was the whole experience with Alltruck? 

Sunny understood about the delay to the vehicle caused by supply chain issues affecting the truck industry and the vehicle body building sector. He says, “We were contacted regularly and kept up to date by the team, and each issue along the way was explained. Mike kept us in the loop throughout every stage of the buying process and will continue to be our dedicated account manager.”

Sunny is delighted about the new addition to the Asco Foods’ fleet.

“Adding the brand new 18 tonne DAF to the fleet means that 12 pallets of dual temp or 14 pallets of single temp goods can be delivered to more locations, easily. It’s got a seriously eye catching design which shows off Mogu Mogu, one of our key brands. Thanks to Mike Hunter of Alltruck plc for the excellent service and this is the first of a few in the pipeline. He knows it’s the best looking truck he’s delivered, so far!”

And looking forward?

The relationship between Asco Foods and Alltruck is new but as both companies are family-owned businesses, Sunny hopes there will be synergies. He adds, “As the Asco Foods fleet comes up for renewal, and additional vehicles are added, we look forward to working with Alltruck in the future. We’re looking forward to a long relationship with Alltruck.”

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