#InTheHeadlights This Week: Fiona Hastings

In the run-up to National Lorry Week, which begins on the 16th of November, each week we’ll be sharing stories from our very own HGV Heroes here at Alltruck plc.


#InTheHeadlights this week is Fiona Hastings


Fiona is one of Alltruck plc’s Finance Business Partners, who joined the business in 2018, a year after she graduated from Liverpool University.


After working for Leicester University for a year, Fiona decided to move to Alltruck plc as she was excited by the prospect of the Alltruck Academy and enthused by our promise to invest in her training as she worked.


Fiona is a wizard with numbers, and she keeps management up to date with Alltruck’s finances and helps them understand the numbers. She also helps set our budgets, puts together KPI packs for our Account Managers, and lends a hand when it comes to our busy month-ends.


In May this year, Fiona took an exam that goes towards her CIMA diploma in management accounting. Fiona did a fantastic job and has been ranked third in the world for the exam, and is now being celebrated as one of CIMA’s highest achievers. What a great result, especially for an exam with a pass rate of only 57%!


Fiona’s thoughts on the Logistics Industry


“Our industry is one that is constantly growing and evolving. No two days are the same here, and that keeps it interesting.”


“Trucks may be seen as ‘annoying’ on the road as they sometimes slow traffic down but, without them, our world would look very different.”


“Really, it’s amazing that we can walk into a shop or a supermarket and buy whatever we like, and that’s all thanks to the haulage industry. It’s an industry that should be valued.”


“I think that the trucking world is still somewhat viewed as a “mans-world”, and even though there are many great men working in the industry, there are more and more women, too.”


“Alltruck is a great example of that as we have lots of women working in a variety of roles across the business, from truck drivers, administrators, accountants, directors, and many more.”


“I also think that those that are in the industry have to be really proactive, like we [Alltruck] are, as you can fall behind easily if you’re not on the ball.”